16 volt Batteries

Feather-Lite Batteries® offers some of the world's premiere 16-volt batteries on the market.

FLB 16v batteries provided the power supply of choice for many Championship winning team's and caliber teams. With the smallest footprint per amp hour of capacity and cranking power on the market, it is no wonder more teams choice to RUNFLB. Offering the safest, highest quality materials providing the reliability you and your team need to cross the finish line first. Feather-Lite batteries® prides itself on listening to your teams needs and constantly developing what the racers need and want. 

In 2018-2019 Feather-Lite 16v Batteries where used by these top teams across a variety of racing organizations to Win their class championships. Increase your chances in 2020 and Join the Revolution

Other Members of the Feather-Lite 16v Battery Family:

  • John Pluchino Mountain Motor Pro Stock

  • Serafino Pontieri 

  • Gary Tripp

  • Driskell Enterprises LLC NHRA Top Dragster

  • Rick Armitstead 

  • Frank & Kim Cervelli  NHRA Comp Eliminator

  • Shawn Langdon Global Electronics NHRA FC

  • Cruz Pedregon Snap-on NHRA FC

  • Lex Joon NHRA TF

  • Mach iii Motorsports NHRA TA/FC

  • J&B Motorsports NHRA TA/FC

  • Tom Reipmayer Canadian Pro Mod Series

  • Mike Janis Jan-Cen NHRA Pro Mod

  • Moduline Racing NHRA TA/FC

  • Bill Neri Mountain Motor Pro Stock 2020

  • Krista Baldwin Racing A/Fuel Dragster

  • Tommy Delago NMCA 10.5 N/A 

  • Shane Gray Gray Motorsports NHRA Pro Stock

  • Mark Lovell BAE Blown Hemi Pro Mod

  • Aaron/Greg Stanfield  NHRA Top Dragster

  • Will Carrell Top Dragster

  • Mike Candelairo Top Sportsman/Outlaw Pro Mod

  • Tim Nicholson Chassis Builder

  • John Force Team Peak NHRA FC

  • Courtney Force Advanced Auto Parts NHRA FC

  • Robert Height AAA NHRA FC

  • Bob Gilbertson Trick Tank NHRA FC

  • Len Cotrell NHRA TA/FC

  • Tom Shelar High Speed Motorsports  NHRA N/TF

  • Kenny Welch Unruly One 

  • Grady Sexton 

  • McPhillips A/Fuel Dragster-Team Jegs