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You asked for it & we listened!! Introducing the NEW Feather-Lite 16.5v 60ah equivalent capacity, with full battery isolation circuitry protection built in.


The HOTTEST NEW MUST HAVE ITEM for ALL racers running a 16v battery system w/ an alternator! Our specially designed circuit board is designed to work w/ hi output race alternator units to completely isolate the battery cells from outside forces. (If you have an alternator failure & it starts putting out too much voltage, the battery WILL NOT suffer a failure or cause damage to the battery cells) 


**This battery has been rigorously tested by our TEAM FLB racing members before being brought to the market.

FL-1660PC (16v 60AH FLP protected in Carbon)

SKU: FL-1660P-C
  • Dimensions:

    Length: 6.450” (152.4mm)

    Width: 5.3450” (137.16mm)

    Height: 5.75” (139.7mm)

    Weight: 7.4 LBS (3.357kg)

    Polarity Configuration: Left side Positive


    Battery Energy Specifications:

    1. Voltage:

                   Nominal 16.5

                   Charged 18.3

    Capacity:  60 Ah (Lead acid equivalent/ PbEq)

                     30 Lithium amp hours

                     144 minutes of Reserve Capacity

    Cranking amps:     1075 CCA @ 32°F for 15 seconds

                                 1350 CA @ 75°F (for 15 seconds)

                                  4150 Pulse Cranking amps (PCA)

    Recommended Charger: FL-BC1615

    Other Charger options: FL-BC165 (These options are slower charger times) or when paired with an alternator

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