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Motorhome/ Recreational Vehicle’s

Feather-Lite Batteries® offers a full line of Motorhome batteries. Where you have a travel trailer, Toy hauler, Conversion, Toterhome, Class A, Class B, Class C or anything in between we offer a battery that will give you years of worry free use. Feather-Lite batteries® offer longer run times, faster recharges, up to 90% weight reduction and in many case take up substantially less space than the batteries currently in-use. Running Feather-Lite batteries in your Recreational Vehicle will offer better fuel economy, easier starts in all conditions, more space, and save you money over the life expectancy of your coach.


7+ Years of useful life expectancy.


Up to 90% weight Reduction over comparable Sealed Lead Acid(SLA)/Absorbed Glass Mat(AGM) Battery


0 Maintenance worry free use.


Swip/Swap battery installment, NO need for any special converters or inverter systems.


Holds a Charge for up to a year with 0 Memory, Means not keeping it fully charged wont affect the batteries performance or life expectancy


Built in Circuitry protection, protects your battery from things outside of your control and from over discharge.


Can be run in Series or parallel without damaging the batteries. (When installed correctly)

FLB Offers 2 Types of Batteries for Your RV Needs: Starting and Storage.
Starting Batteries: 
Starting batteries are offered in 12 & 24 volt units. These batteries differ from Storage batteries because they have been deigned to discharge a high amount of current in a short time for starting an engine. These units are still built with a substantial amount of reserve capacity (AH) to run instrumentation such as navigation, depth finders, radio, etc. They typically do not have the larger AH that a storage battery carries based on the cell design. These batteries are designed to be charged off an alternator, solar panels and our smart charger units.
Storage/House Batteries: 
Storage batteries or as they are also known House batteries are designed to carry large amounts of reserve power, like the name states they are for storing power. These batteries are designed with a very different cell than the starting batteries. Since they do not have to release a large amount a power in an instance, they can be with a cell that has higher internal storage capacity. These batteries are typically used to power a converter to make 100/220 power or 12v items like water pumps, filtration systems and lights.  
Batteries can be customized to fit where needed.
These batteries can be charged off solar.

Starting Dual Purpose Batteries

***FLB Strongly suggest you purchase one of our chargers specially designed for your overall voltage requirements. Output amperage will depend on overall battery bank size and desired recharge times. If your automobile sits for long durations at a time FLB suggests the battery charge be topped off every 3 months to maintain battery.

Storage Style Batteries

WARNING: Products sold by Feather-Lite Batteries are stated in the state of California to possibly cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm  P65Warnings.CA.Gov

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