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Automotive Batteries

Daily Drivers/ Equipment/ Recreational

Feather-Lite Batteries® Automotive series are designed to work in everything from your daily driver to your pride and joy super car. With a less than 3% self-discharge a month (Compared to SLA & AGM that is 30%) your car can sit up to 1 year with no prismatic drain on the system and be ready to fire up and go for a cruise when you are. Feather-Lite Batteries® offers these Automotive Series batteries currently in a plastic case design in standard popular group sizes and a few of the smaller units are available for special order in Carbon Fiber Cases for customers with custom built cars tight on space or those who just want the look of a Carbon battery under the hood. FLB Automotive batteries offer same great features as our other series of batteries with a 7+ year life expectancy, up to 90% weight reduction, higher starting current and with built-in emergency Jump-starting feature, our built-in Jump starter offers the same CCA as the main battery unlike some other manufacturers.

All Feather-Lite Batteries® Automotive Series contain built in FLB circuitry protection to fully protect the battery. FLB Automotive series batteries are offered in direct replacement sizes. Custom options are available in smaller Carbon Fiber case footprints that can be chosen to meet you cranking amps and amp hours of capacity needs just contact us with your requirements. 

Group Size Batteries: 
Group Size Units are direct size replacement batteries in high impact resistant plastic cases, just like the one you are replacing in your vehicle, but with our Feather-lite Batteries® materials inside. Replacement group sizes are listed in the chart below and the common replacement sizes per vehicle are also listed on this page to offer guidance, FLB recommends that you double check your CCA and AH #s listed on your current battery or owner’s manual, even though in most cases our batteries carry far more Amp hours (AH) and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
Carbon Fiber Replacement Batteries: 
Feather-Lite Batteries® Carbon Fiber replacement batteries offer all the same built-in Circuitry protection as the plastic cased units, but these batteries are not offered in Group sizes. FLB builds these battery cases to minimize the batteries footprint of space used, the carbon fiber cases are smaller, and inherently stronger. To choose one of these battery units you will need to know the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and the Amp Hours of Capacity (AH) of the battery you are replacing. Please contact us with these details and we will quote you on a price, these batteries are currently built as requested.


  • Reverse Polarity

  • Short Circuit

  • Over  Charging

  • Over Discharging

  • Over Voltage

  • Under Voltage

  • Over Current

  • Balance Charging Of Cells

  • High Temperature Protection 140°F

  • Low Temperature Protection  -4°F (temperature below this temp turn headlights on for a minute and it will warm the battery up to reset and start)

Below is a PDF Link with most of the common Group Sized Batteries and their specifications. If you are still unsure which battery to choose please feel free to contact us.

  • A Prismatic Drain is a constant low amperage draw on the battery when the key is turned off, items like on-board computers, small led lights like those on radios, alarm systems and tuning programs are just a few items that are known to be on-board that are a Prismatic Drain. If your Vehicle has anything that maybe considered a Prismatic Drain we strongly suggest you top the batteries charge off every 2 months with your Feather-Lite Batteries® Charger to maximize the life expectancy and overall performance of the battery.

***FLB Strongly suggest you purchase one of our chargers specially designed for your overall voltage requirements. Output amperage will depend on overall battery bank size and desired recharge times. If your automobile sits for long durations at a time FLB suggests the battery charge be topped off every 2 months to maintain battery.

WARNING: Products sold by Feather-Lite Batteries are stated in the state of California to possibly cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm  P65Warnings.CA.Gov

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