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FLB Chargers

Feather-Lite Batteries® Chargers are specifically designed to optimize the output and longevity of our batteries. 

The recommended charger for your Feather-Lite Battery choice will be listed in the description area of the battery. In some cases there may be more than one option, as batteries with higher capacity ratings can use higher amperage chargers. If you are unclear or have any questions, we are always here to offer suggestions and guidance.

Feather-Lite Batteries® Lithium Smart Chargers are purpose built to work with our line of batteries. These battery chargers are a high frequency that put out consistent, smooth and repeatable voltage which makes for faster charge times and extended life of your Feather-Lite Batteries® products.  FLB Chargers are built with a sized matched internal fan that is only running when charging process is activated. This is indicated by LED2 being red, this LED will turn green when fully charged, fan will also shut off. LED1 is just an indicator that power is present in the unit. FLB highly recommends that you always connect the charger to the battery then proceed to connect to your 110/240VAC source. FLB also strongly suggests that our customers take a few minutes to read the instruction included in ever charger, for valuable information and tech tips.

FLB Chargers range in weight from .5lbs to 9lbs depending on what size charger you are purchasing and the corresponding battery it is charging. All FLB Chargers come standard with either an SB50A or SB175A end for ease of connection and minimized chance of shorting out the charger or battery when hooking up, these quick connectors also make it impossible to reverse polarity when connecting the charger. (Except Mini Smart Chargers)

FLB Chargers can charge your Feather-Lite Battery® in as little as 4 minutes, this of course is dependent on a few factors, battery depletion and charger output amperage. Bigger is not always better, we strongly suggest you look at the suggested FLB Charger option for the battery you choose, and as always if you are unsure or have questions an FLB team member would be glad to assist you in weighing your options. Feel free to contact us via email, chat, phone or on our Facebook page /RUNFLB.

WARNING: Products sold by Feather-Lite Batteries are stated in the state of California to possibly cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm  P65Warnings.CA.Gov

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