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Feather-Lite Batteries® 12v Race Series batteries are offered in 2 distinct types for a variety of racing styles.

All Feather-Lite Racing Batteries® are built for either "TOTAL LOSS" or " CHARGING" based systems. Feather-Lite Batteries® have been designed to fit the racers specific needs, a Battery isn't just a battery anymore, and Feather-Lite Batteries® are like no other and second to none. 

"Total Loss"

This is a system, that has no "On Board" charging system. Has no alternator, or way of recharging the battery while in use.


This is a standard system that you would find in your street car. If you have an alternator, or any type drive system that produces power to recharge while the vehicle is in use.

Feather-Lite Batteries® offers batteries with/without built in FLB Circuitry Protection. This is a lot like a Battery Management System, with a few specific changes we designed to work with race-built alternators. FLB Circuitry Protection is different than any other company's protection it is designed to work with our extreme cranking amps that our batteries produce along with a few other purpose designed features. This was designed for racing applications specifically from the board up, not re-purposed from something else. 


  • Reverse Polarity

  • Short Circuit

  • Over  Charging

  • Over Discharging

  • Over Voltage

  • Under Voltage

  • Over Current

  • Balance Charging Of Cells

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