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Feather-Lite Batteries®

Feather-Lite Batteries® understands there are several options of Lithium-Ion battery companies in the market place, so why choose FLB? Feather-Lite Batteries® didn't invent the concept of lightweight lithium batteries, we perfected it.

When other companies looked to the industry standard for their cases or design, FLB asked why? Why stick with the status-quo if there is a better option or way to build, design, or assemble. This is what we did and continue to do every day, that makes us the #1 choice for the Safest, Most powerful & Reliable Lithium Batteries on the market.

  • FLB Knows that there is not just 1 or 2 batteries that fill every customers needs so we build batteries that fill your needs not the other way around...

  • True Carbon Fiber Cases

  • Cases designed to fit the battery 

  • Smallest Square footprint batteries per cranking amps and amp hour size

  • Cold Cranking amp (CCA) ratings that compare to the batteries you know & are replacing.

  • Cranking amp (CA) Ratings tested at 15 second intervals so you can compare

  • Pulse Cranking amps (PCA) that reflect 1-2 second discharge numbers so you can compare to the "other" Lithium Ion Options

  • Clear easy to understand facts

  • Safest batteries, the technology we use is not cheap but are made with the safest & highest quality materials available to the market

  • Innovative Designs

  • Lightest "Feather-Lite" Batteries® on the market

  • Feather-Lite Circuitry Protection is the only full battery protection system on the market to be able to TRULY handle high output race alternators

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