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Motorcycle/ Power sports Batteries

Feather-Lite Motorcycle/ Power Sports series batteries are offered In carbon fiber and plastic case design. FLB carbon fiber case design batteries are however not drop in replacements for your standard equipped lead acid battery or your current lithium battery, as keeping with our philosophy we build these units to be as small and light as possible. We are offering plastic cased units that are sized in a replacement fashioned case, these batteries are the same quality as all our batteries offer the same protection circuitry offered in our carbon fiber motorcycle cased batteries. The only difference between the two units is the weight, look and sizes. 

All motorcycle batteries have M6 x1.0 threaded terminals.  Each battery also includes 10mm headed flange bolts.

Feather-Lite Batteries® recommends that only batteries that carry FLB circuit protection on-board as we do with all batteries that are installed in machines with charging systems.


  • Reverse Polarity

  • Short Circuit

  • Over  Charging

  • Over Discharging

  • Over Voltage

  • Under Voltage

  • Over Current

  • Balance Charging Of Cells

** Vehicles with a prismatic drain like alarm systems computers that draw constant power may want to look at options in larger amp hour capacity or charge monthly if not in use.

***FLB Strongly suggest you purchase one of our chargers specially designed for your overall voltage requirements. Output amperage will depend on overall battery bank size and desired recharge times. If your automobile sits for long durations at a time FLB suggests the battery charge be topped off every 3 months to maintain battery.

WARNING: Products sold by Feather-Lite Batteries are stated in the state of California to possibly cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm  P65Warnings.CA.Gov

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