Feather-Lite Batteries® is proud to offer the motorcycle and powersports market the safest, highest quality, and most reliable batteries available. The FL-YTZ7-S10 is the premiere 12v battery on the market. This battery was designed specifically for market using all we have learned from building the best race batteries available, with on board protection circuitry these batteries are designed to work with alternators. This battery is a 15ah equivalent battery with a stellar 250 cold cranking amps.


This battery also preforms second to none compared to batteries in the same size classification, offering more run time and cranking amps. We offer real capacity numbers and cranking amps and will stand behind our numbers.

If you are looking for the BEST look no further.



  • FL-YTZ7-S10 is a 12.8V 10ah designed powersport battery is the top of the line 12-volt replacement battery on the market. This battery is 2nd to none, simply the best choice for many 12V application utilizing the same battery on the market, and it was designed to start the hardest engines with cranking amps like nothing else available.

    This is the battery will become the battery of choice for all racers, enthusiasts alike, so look no further. Do Not be fouled by our batteries small size or Feather-Lite weight, they pack more or a punch with better reliability.

    Made with the safest, highest quality products available built to be as close to exact size replacement for what you have.

    The FL-YTZ7-S10 weighs in at 1.7 lbs. but compared to the competition this battery offers more cranking amps, more pulse cranking amps, and more capacity. Its small stature brings it in at 4.41” long 2.265” wide 4.139” tall. With 360 cranking amps (15 seconds) this battery has the fastest engine starting power every single time.

    Feather-Lite Batteries can be mounted in any configuration, orientation, or location. Unlike sealed lead acid or AGM batteries the power and performance you get used to at the start, is what you can expect up to the end of the battery’s life cycle. You can also expect 4 times longer life expectancy than batteries of the same power specs in those technologies.

  • Dimensions:

    Length 4.410” (112mm)