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Storage & Handling

Feather-Lite batteries® are very different in comparison to lead acid or absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries you may be used to.  

First, they do not have any type of memory effect, (like you find in a cellphone battery.)

Second, they will not sulfate when stored at a State of Charge less than 100% The fact is when you store your Feather-Lite Battery at about 50% State of Charge it will help with the longevity of the battery's life. To aid in gaining the longest life out of your Feather-Lite batteries, they should be stored in a cool environment, close to 34’F. 

Try to minimize long term storage above 115’F, if possible avoid any storage time at temps neighboring this area.


Trickle chargers are NOT recommended and may overheat the battery.

Always Check the voltage output at the connector after long term storage or if the charger has been dropped to ensure charge voltage is within specification to maximize your battery performance and life expectancy.

All batteries without FLB protection do not require periodic recharge and can be stored for a year or more without charging. This is due to the minimal internal self-power drain. However, if the battery is going to be stored in the vehicle it is suggested that you check for prismatic power drain or disconnect the battery from the power leads.

Batteries W/ FLB Circuitry Protection:

These batteries will require periodic top off charging as the microprocessor that is built into the battery places a small prismatic drain on the unit. FLB suggests that every 3 months placing your battery on the charger to top off the unit if the battery is completely disconnected from the vehicle/equipment. If the battery is connected, you may want to place the unit on the charger every month for their may be other prismatic draws on the unit other than the internal draw.

This includes all Feather-Lite Batteries® listed below, for Motorcycle/Power sports and 12v Race batteries with FLB Protection Circuit part numbers are listed (check below) for select Specialty batteries please contact us, as these units are typically custom built.

Batteries w/ FLB Circuitry Protection:


  • FL-P710

  • FL-P12

  • FL-P20

  • FL-P20H

  • FL-P24

  • FL-P30

Race Series Batteries:
  • FL-1215B

  • FL-1218B

  • FL-1227B

  • FL-1236B

  • FL-R1230B

  • FL-R1245B

  • FL-R1260B

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