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Feather-Lite Batteries Smart Charger are specifically designed to use with our specific battery chemistry utilized in our Feather-Lite series batteries. Designed to be simple to use with a LED setup, when LED switches from RED to Green you are fully charged.


This charger is designed to be used with Feather-Lite 12v Specialty Batteries

  • Chargers are warranted for 1 year
  • Come with aligator Clips(but we can Install other options)
  • Charger is a 110v only unit


Constant Current/Constant Voltage Method offers the fastest deepest and most complete charge.

Intelligent Charge for depleted Batteries

Fully automatic Charger


12V .5amp Mini Smart Charger

SKU: FL-BC12500
  • Feather-Lite Batteries Charger

    Part #: FL-BC12500

    Charger output: 14.4

    Amperage Output: .5 amps or 500mah

    Fused Unit: This is a non Fused unit

    Weight: 5 oz

    Dimensions: 3.25*2*1.125"

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