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Marine Batteries

FLB Marine Batteries are designed to cover all your Sailing, Yachting, Sports Fishing and Recreational Boating needs.

Feather-Lite Batteries® does make two different types of batteries within the Marine class, Starting & Storage, see descriptions below to help guide you in your decision making, and as always if unsure please feel free to reach out.

Feather-Lite Batteries® Marine Series are made with the highest quality materials available offering the best warranty on the market, when properly installed and maintenance , 7+ years of worry free use should follow.

Starting Batteries: 
Starting batteries are offered in 12-volt units with or without built in Emergency Jump-Start option. These batteries differ from Storage batteries because they have been deigned to discharge a high amount of current in a short time for starting an engine. These units are still built with a substantial amount of reserve capacity (AH) to run instrumentation such as navigation, depth finders, radio, etc. They typically do not have the larger AH that a storage battery carries based on the cell design. These batteries are designed to be charged off an alternator, solar panels and our smart charger units.
Storage/House Batteries: 
Storage batteries or as they are also known House batteries are designed to carry large amounts of reserve power, like the name states they are for storing power. These batteries are designed with a very different cell design than the starting batteries. Since they do not have to release a large amount a power in an instance, they can be with built with a cell that has higher internal storage capacity. These batteries are typically used to power a converter to make 110/220 power or 12v items like water pumps and lights.  
These batteries have also been used in series or parallel or to power trolling motors. 
Trolling Batteries: 
Trolling batteries are the same basic battery as a storage batteries as the are designed to carry large amounts of reserve power. These batteries are designed with the same cell design as the storage batteries but with a different style of FLP Circuitry Protection board.  These batteries are purposely built for powering trolling motors and have been designed with input from boat manufacturer's, sportsman and professional Bass fisherman input.
These batteries heave been customized to serve the 24v or 36v trolling motor needs, If you need a unit with more or less capacity let us know we may just add it to the line up.  

**Marine Series Batteries differ from comparable RV/Solar Batteries is these batteries have been sealed to IP65 standards to  minimize chances of moisture entering the battery. Also Marine Batteries are deseigned to except a bolt while our RV/Solar batteries have either a threaded post or conventional SAE posts.

***FLB Strongly suggest you purchase one of our chargers specially designed for your overall voltage requirements. Output amperage will depend on overall battery bank size and desired recharge times. If your automobile sits for long durations at a time FLB suggests the battery charge be topped off every 3 months to maintain battery.

Starting Batteries

Trolling & Storage Batteries

12v Replacement Trolling 

24v Replacement Trolling