Feather-Lite batteries is proud to offer the best marine series batteries on the market that customer have asking for. This battery is designed for customers with 36-volt trolling motors looking to get the most trolling time out of a single battery. This battery offers 380-amp hours of comparable lead acid capacity.


36v 380ah Pro Bass Trolling Battery

SKU: FL-M36380
  • Dimensions:

    Length 20.5” (521mm)

    Width 9.37” (238mm)

    Height 8.58” (3218mm)

    Weight: 86 LBS (40kg)

    Polarity Configuration: Left side Positive


    Battery Energy Specifications:


                   Nominal 38.4

                   Charged 42.6


    Capacity: 380 Ah (Lead acid equivalent/ PbEq)

                    126 Lithium amp hours


    Run times may change due to weather conditions, trolling speed, water current and other unknown factors.



    Recommended Charger: FL-WPBC3625

    Other Charger options: FL-BC3612, FLBC365 (These options are slower charger times)