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Feather-Lite Batteries Is at it again, setting the industry standard even higher. The newest Automoitive Starting Batteries offering the first of its kind, E-Start the built in Jump-Starter. This means that weather you customer car has been sitting around for a while not bieng driven for a while or after a long day out at the game that you were running late for and left your lights on in your ride there is no chance of getting stuck in the parking lot because of a dead battery. No need for a jump-Starter, jumper cables, or calling someone for a tow, simple open the battery compartment hold the button on the battery down for 5 seconds start your ride and drive away.


So, don’t Get stranded with a Dead Battery.


All Feather-Lite Batteries Automiotive Series batteries utilize FLP-Circuitry built -in to the unit specifically designed for the application. So in the instant of starting batteries with built-in emergency back-up, these units will shut down the battery when the voltage drops to a certain point to protect the battery from damage and to have enough power to start the biggest motors not just once but everytime along with the built in jump-starter gets you started back up if the time ever arrives.


SKU: FL-J-12108A