The FL-RV12150 isa great replacement option in the new line of Motorhome/RV series batteries. Feather-Lite Batteries® Motorhome/RV series  series batteries are specifically designed for your motor needs in mind offering easy starting with large cranking amps and large capacity for running all your 110v components in mind. Whether its lived in every day or your weekend getaway, these series of batteries are what you want. With these batteries there is 1/29 the month loss of power compared to a conventional Lead-acid/AGM battery so no worries about not driving your car for a month only to decide you want to go for a cruise and the dreaded "CLICK...CLICK" of the dead battery, or electronics that wont come on. These batteries carry FLB Protection circuitry onboard to optimize charging and dis-charging with your alternator.


SKU: FL-RV12150