The FL-1650 battery was designed specifically for those with EFI systems and 1-2 stages of nitrous. Has been tracked tested repeatedly and been onboard one of the most winning cars in the 2018-19 season.


This battery also performs second to none in huge cubic inch nitrous gulping motors, or bracket racers looking to go several rounds without worries about battery failure. A great choice for Pro Stock, Pro Nitrous, Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, and Bracket racers alike. Specifically, for those with EFI systems and 1-2 stages of nitrous. Also, the perfect option for those switching over to Coil Over Plug systems like MSD CDI units.


Designed for TOTAL LOSS systems in mind (racers running with no alternator.) Massive cranking amps to start even the toughest engines, and plenty of capacity. If you are looking for the BEST look no further.

FL-1650 (16V 50AH)

SKU: FL-1650