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The Feather-Lite Power Pack Battery was designed to replace the popular LiPo batteries many of the professional race teams are utilizing for on board engine management control power. It is a 16.5 nominal voltage battery that measures 6.125 Long, 1.350 wide and 1.800 tall, battery weighs 14oz.


This is the lightest, most powerful & safe per pound battery available!!


Please follow the instructions below to protect your investment and prolong the battery usefulness to you. Unlike Other popular batteries being used for this same purpose, Feather-Lite Power Pack Batteries do not need to be completely discharged before recharging. Also, there is no need to charge or store them in a fire bag for safety. You can charge your batteries after every use for best results, however depending on your amperage draw this is not always required, minimum voltage threshold is 16.0 volts. At this voltage recharge is required to not damage the battery.

Unlike a lead acid battery that can only be charged between 400 and 500 times, our Lithium based technology batteries can go 4,000 to 5,000 charge cycles. These batteries also will be fully charged within 15 minutes or less when paired with the correct size charger and charged every few runs.


These batteries have been proven to handle the voltage loads required to run all on-board systems in a Top Fuel, Funny Car, Top Alcohol Funny Car & Dragster, and Blown Pro Mods.


A must have if looking to cut out some weight and gain reliability for years to come.

FL-163 (Feather-Lite Power Pack)

SKU: FL-163
  • Dimensions:

    Length: 6.125” (155.575mm)

    Width: 1.350” (34.29mm)

    Height: 1.800” (45.72mm)

    Weight: 14 oz (.396kg)


    Battery Energy Specifications:


                   Nominal: 16.5

                   Charged: 18.3

    Capacity: 9 Ah (Lead acid equivalent/ PbEq)

                     3 Lithium amp hours

                     13 minutes of Reserve Capacity

     Amps: 400 @ 75 degrees Fahrenheit 

                 200 amp constant discharge


    Recommended Charger: FL-BC161 Other Charger options will shorten life expectancy

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