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The FL-2424 battery is the FIRST of its kind & was designed specifically for those with CDI & Fueltech engine management systems on board blown engine combinations. It was designed with input from one of the top NHRA/PDRA Pro Modified teams and has been thoroughly track tested & been onboard one of the most winning cars in the 2020 season.


This battery performs like no other because there is no other like it, this unit literally replaces 2 batteries offering twice the power of them and capacity at 1/2 the size and weight.  A great choice for any Pro Mod, Top Dragster, Top Sportsman or other utilizing 24v to start and run their ignition system.  The only option for those switching over to Coil Over Plug systems like MSD CDI units.


Designed for TOTAL LOSS systems in mind (racers running with no alternator.) Massive cranking amps to start even the toughest engines, and plenty of capacity. If you are looking for the BEST look no further.

FL-2424 (24v 24ah)

SKU: FL-2424
  • The FL-2424 is a 24V 24ah battery that is 2nd to none!! We designed & built these batteries in house from cell design to our custom molded carbon fiber cases. Made W/ the safest, highest quality materials available. Do not be fooled by our batteries small size or feather-Lite weight. It is simply the BEST and ONLY 24v on the market for high compression race engines!

    - Can be mounted in any configuration/Orientation

    - Can be wired in parallel or series configurations

    -4x Longer life expectancy


  • Dimensions:

    Length: 6.400” (162.4mm)

    Width: 3.300” (83.8mm)

    Height: 6.100” (154.9mm)

    Weight: 5.5 LBS (2.49kg)


    Polarity Configuration: Left side Positive


    Battery Energy Specifications:


                 Nominal: 26.4

                 Charged: 28.8

    Capacity: 24 Ah (Lead acid equivalent/ PbEq)

                    12 Lithium amp hours

                    60 minutes of Reserve Capacity


    Cranking amps:  1000 cold cranking amps

                     1250 @ 75 degrees Fahrenheit (for 15 seconds)

                      3750 Pulse Cranking amps


    **Recommended Charger: FL-BC245.5

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