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Popular in the Direct Current (DC) world is the 2 Pole quick disconnect ends. There are many different color and matching key combonations. Blue, Red, Grey, Yellow, Green among others, each one has a slightly different lockout key to make sure unmatched voltages do not get connected. Then there is the Black ends which we have made universal with no key to match to any other SB175 end. 


We use these Black SB175 ends on all our Starter Packs and hi amperage starting packs, we did this because we noticed in the racing world there was no set plug end that everyone used. 


Feather-Lite batteries is not responsable if this product is purchased and installed by the customer and mismatched voltages get connect with this product.


** Our SB175 ends are offered 2 ways, Threaded and Standard. Please choose your option upon ordering

SB175 Black End Universal

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