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Golf Cart Battery Systems

Feather-Lite Batteries® offers replacement golf cart batteries whither it is a gas powered unit with one 12v battery for starting and running your lights or an electric Golf cart sporting a 36v or 48v system we have the replacement unit you are searching for.

With up to a 400 weight reduction you can increase run time, and speed while minimizing damage to grass. FLB batteries also offer much quicker recharge times and 7+ years of life expectancy. For clients with a fleet of golf carts the removal of the dangerous chemicals and specialty equipment will allow for increased profit.  

Feather-Lite Batteries® offers replacement units built in a few optional configurations. Direct replacement, conversional units and upgraded replacement.  Depending on what the use of the golf cart is may determine which option you choose.

True Replacement: 
This is where we use 12v Batteries with the specific Amp Hour (AH), These batteries are a direct match for the batteries you are replacing.
Conversional Units: 
These units we take the overall Voltage and amp hours for your total battery bank and build one battery unit to replace the system.
Upgrade Replacement: 
Upgrade Replacement can be Built in either configuration, typically used by clients utilizing there golf carts for Business use looking for longer run times. With this option we look at the desired run times needed and then proceed to build a model of the capacity needed to accommodate this run time.

All Feather-Lite Batteries® Golf Cart series units come with built in FLB circuitry protection. 


  • Reverse Polarity

  • Short Circuit

  • Over  Charging

  • Over Discharging

  • Over Voltage

  • Under Voltage

  • Over Current

  • Balance Charging Of Cells

***FLB Strongly suggest you purchase one of our chargers specially deigned for your overall voltage requirements. Output amperage will depend on overall battery bank size and desired recharge times.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

WARNING: Products sold by Feather-Lite Batteries are stated in the state of California to possibly cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm  P65Warnings.CA.Gov

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