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**This Battery comes with a 3 year Prorated Warranty** 

** warranty card must be filed within the set amount of time. Battery warranty applies to what is set forth in the warranty section of the owners manual please read carefully!!**

Battery charger must be specifically designed to charge this type of Lithium Ion battery technology. Using a Lead Acid (SLA) or AGM style (wet cell battery) charger will ruin the battery and void the warranty.

All Batteries suspect of a warranty claim (Per the terms of our warranty agreement) MUST be returned to Feather-Lite Batteries ONLY!! Any batteries or chargers sent to retailer/dealer or back to INEX will NOT be covered under warranty. Also Batteries with Warranty Paperwork not summitted Completely, and on File with Feather-Lite Batteries within the Time Frame set forth in your Owners Manual  WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. 

NEW Inex Approved US Legend Cars International Ultra Lightweight Battery. This is the 1st of its kind, custom built and designed with the experts at US Legend Cars International, this is one battery for all your needs weather it is a bandolero or a legend car this battery has you covered. Designed in the original Bandolero case it is a direct drop-in replacement for any car new or old with far more starting power than any previous model available.

This battery has been thoroughly tested on the dyno @ USLCI for over 6 months before it was brought the market.

Let us talk specs:

* This Battery weighs a staggering 2.7-2.8 lbs. a 85% weight reduction

*Batteries Life expectancy is 7 years + *when properly maintained 

*Truly Maintenance free no need to keep on a tender on the off season

*Fast Charging if its ever needed.

*Over 300 pulls on the dyno and it was only charged the first time.

*Higher Cranking AMPs and more Capacity

*Wide Temperature operating range -22°to 140°F

*Higher Initial Starting voltage means more consistent spark and throttle response

Lets Talk Safety, we know you don’t normally think safety and your battery together.

*This battery Contains no Acid, or Liquids of any kind.

*Contains no lead plates or heavy metals of any kind

*Lithium Based Chemistry that is safer than a lead acid or AGM battery

*Cell design and Chemical make are a Green Material which means they are 100% recyclable

*This battery has a specially designed circuit board contained inside that

-Has a low voltage disconnect, meaning that when the voltage gets to 9.8v the discharge side of the battery is shut down so you cannot ruin the battery.

-A high voltage disconnect, which means that if something with your onboard charging system should happen to fail and start to produce voltage over 15v it will shut off the allowance of charging

-High Amperage protection if a start is failing and is drawing far more current than is necessary or producible by the battery.

-Short circuit protection incase some how some thing shorts out to both posts.

- Reverse Polarity Protection, so if someone accidental hooks up positive to negative while charging it will protect the battery of any possible issues

-Internal cell balancing which keeps all the cells in the battery evenly balanced and matched for long life expectancy and higher cranking amps.

Contact USLCI or Your Favorite Legends Car Parts Dealer for Pricing and Availability
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