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The FL-RV12720 isa great replacement option in the new line of Motorhome/RV series batteries. Feather-Lite Batteries® Motorhome/RV series  series batteries are specifically designed for your motor needs in mind offering easy starting with large cranking amps and large capacity for running all your 110v components in mind. Whether its lived in every day or your weekend getaway, these series of batteries are what you want. With these batteries there is 1/29 the month loss of power compared to a conventional Lead-acid/AGM battery so no worries about not driving your car for a month only to decide you want to go for a cruise to your favorite spot and you go to unplug the coach and the dreaded dead batteries, & electronics that won't come on. These batteries carry FLB Protection circuitry onboard to optimize charging and dis-charging with your invertor.


SKU: FL-RV12720
  • Dimensions:

    Length 18.7” (425.52mm)

    Width 10.83” (275mm)

    Height 9.65” (245mm)

    Weight: 55.1LBS (25kg)

    Polarity Configuration: Left side Positive


    Battery Energy Specifications:



         Nominal 12.8

         Charged 14.4


    Capacity: 720 Ah (Lead acid equivalent/ PbEq)

                    310 Lithium amp hours

                    1000 minutes of Reserve Capacity


    Recommended Charger: : FL-BC1225

    FL-BC1210 if used in in a total loss system that has longer charge times,

    Other Charger options FL-BC126 (These options are slower charger times)

  • FL-RV12720 is a 12V 720ah designed as a battery for Motorhomes, uses the same grade materials to build a 12-volt replacement battery, but without the high output rating for cranking amps. This is a storage only battery. This battery is 2nd to none, simply the best choice for every 12V automotive application on the market, and it was designed with FLB circuitry protection, for use with everyday alternators.


    Made with the safest, highest quality products available, may not be exact size replacement for what you have, but that’s because we build Feather-Lite batteries® to be compact not wasting any space.


    The FL-RV12720 weighs in at 55.1 lbs. but compared to the competition this battery offers more amp hours, morerun time, and a lot more life expectancy. Its small stature brings it in at 18.7” long 10.83” wide 9.65” tall makes it slightly smaller version of a group 4D, 6D & 8D.  This battery is more powerful than most the batteries on the BCI group list you would need 2 of every other battery on the market minimum to match that power and surpass our capacity, some companies you may need 3 or 4 of them.


    We designed and built these batteries from the cell design out, coping nothing on the market, lightest most powerful battery the customers needed and wanted. Feather-Lite Batteries can be mounted in any configuration, orientation, or location, can be wired in parallel or series configurations. Unlike sealed lead acid or AGM batteries the power and performance you get used to at the start, is what you can expect up to the end of the battery’s life cycle. You can also expect 4 times longer life expectancy than batteries of the same power specs in those technologies.

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