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The FL-SP48 Is a 48v version of our starter pack this unit weighs only 7.8 lbs. and offers all the same features that our other starter packs do. This battery pack has become the Starter Pack of choice for many Top Alcohol Funny Car and Dragster teams around the world. Comes with a standard SB-175a 600v connection, voltage gauge and button, completely built in Carbon with 4 feet on the bottom to protect your investment, and a convenient carrying handle.


Feather-Lite Starter Packs have become the industry benchmark since they showed up at the drag strip back in the fall of 2016. With its innovative ideas, ultra-compact size and extreme weight reduction over other brands on the market, there is no wonder why it has become the product to have. For the first time ever with a push of a button you knew exactly what voltage your pack had with its innovative built in voltage gauge.


Feather-Lite batteries will custom design a Starter pack to meet your specific needs, whether it’s more capacity or starting amps, to different connection hook ups.


**Requires FL-BC482 Charger sold Separately**

48V Sportsman Series Starter Pack

  • FL-SP48

    Length 7"

    Width 5"

    Height 8"

    Weight 7.4 lbs


    Charged Voltage 58.2v

    Nominal Voltage 52.8v

    Capacity 30ah


    Cranking Amps 1250

    Cold Cranking Amps 1000

    Pulse Cranking Amps 3750


    Recommended Charger: FL-BC482

    Other Charger options: FL-BC485 faster charge times, but may shorten life expectancy of the unit



  • Feather-Lite Starter Packs Features

    • Faster Charge times (as little as 9 minutes)
    • Simple Charging (Uses the same SB175 connection)
    • No need to Charge if Built in voltage Gauge shows more than 52.2V
    • No Voltage loss when stored fully charged
    • No need for discharging while stored
    • No Specific orientation manner during discharge
    • No Lead, acid, or other Harmful chemicals to worry about leaking or spilling with our dry technology
    • 7-10-year life expectancy when properly maintained and operated
    • Green Tech can be discharged to >1v and placed in a landfill (Check with your local Municipalities first)
    • 3 year Pro rated warranty (when registered, non transferable)
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