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Feather-Lite Batteries®



The leader in High Performance Batteries for all your vehicle needs. Whether it's custom remote batteries for safety transmitters or complete power bank units for your motor home we have a solution for your project, and if we don't, we can design it.


Safest Materials

No risk of fire or explosion, Inherently safe materials, and FLP circuitry

70-90% lighter 

Compared to unit being replaced, with SLA or AGM

Maintenance Free 

With less than 1% self-discharge within a calendar year. **Excluding units with FLP Circuitry

Easy Charging

Simply plug in and look for a Green Light.

Powerful Cranking Amps

Highest Cranking Amps on the Market not Pulse Cranking Amps

Carbon Fiber Cases

Most of our batteries are built with complete carbon fiber cases for strength and weight savings

There are many battery options on the market to choose from.  Unlike the sealed lead acid or AGM batteries, Feather-Lite Batteries offers some major advantages over sealed lead acid or AGM batteries.

  • Stronger More Consistent Spark

  • 7-10 Year Life Expectancy

  • Faster Re-Charge Times (Can Safely Be Charged Up to Amperage Capacity)

  • Extremely Compact Size (Smallest Square Foot Footprint on The Market)

  • Highest Energy Density by Size When Compared to Any SAFE Lithium, Sealed Lead Acid or AGM Battery On the Market

  • Mountable in Any Direction

  • No Liquids to Spill or Keep Up With

  • Wide Working Temperature Range -22°F-140°

  • Environmentally Friendly (Green Technology)

  • 2% per Month Self-Discharge vs. 30% Per Month with Lead Acid Or AGM. (No Need to Trickle Charge)

  • Intelligent Start for Cold Weather Starting

  • No Risk of Fire as The Cells Are Intrinsically Safe. (Not like the Lithium used in cell phones and laptops)

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A Bit About Us


Started By Racers looking for a Safer, Better Quality Battery W/ Reliability and More Power..

Feather-Lite Batteries® is Becoming Known as a Manufacturer you can rely on for all your Battery Needs. Race Car, Motorcycle, Automobile, Golf Cart, Motor home, Boats and everything In Between!!

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