Feather-Lite Batteries 1215 is battery was designed specifically for racer looking for a 12v battery that did not need long run times or big capacity. This battery has 520 cranking amps and 15-amp hours of capacity, great for starting many small circle track cars like bandoleros, and legends cars to some drag race applications.


This battery is designed for TOTAL LOSS systems in mind (racers running with no alternator.) This battery has staggering cranking amps to start for its small size, and run systems with minimum draw, auto shifter, shift light, lap counter etc.


SKU: FL-1215
  • FL-1215 is a 12V 15ah is a specifically designed racing battery for the customer looking for the power of a 12-volt battery that does not have the large amperage draws to warrant a larger battery. This battery is 2nd to none, simply the best 12V-volt for applications on the market, that need the extra punch out of a 12-volt battery for starting a hard to start high cranking compression small displacement race engine. This battery was designed to start the hardest engines with cranking amps like nothing else available in its size.

    The FL-1215 the battery is becoming the choice for many not needing Large capcity but want to have an easier time starting their engines, simply because of its small size and Feather-Lite weight. Do Not be fouled by this batteries small size or Feather-Lite weight, they pack more of a punch with better reliability, for the customer not requiring tons of capacity.

    Made with the safest, highest quality products available and encased in a custom full carbon-fiber case, may not be exact size replacement for what you have, but that’s because we build Feather-Lite batteries to be compact not wasting any space.

    The FL-1215 weighs in at 1.5 lbs. but compared to the competition this battery offers more cranking amps, more pulse cranking amps, and the capacity you require not what is only available. Its small stature brings it in at 3.5” long 2.5” wide 4.5” tall makes it have the smallest footprint of any battery in the same performance category. With 520 cranking amps (15 seconds) this battery has the fastest engine starting power every single time, you would need 2 of every other battery on the market minimum to match that power and surpass our capacity, some companies you may need 3 or 4 of them.

    We designed and built these batteries from the cell design out, coping nothing on the market, trying to fit into no existing mold, just built the smallest lightest most powerful battery the customers needed and wanted.  Feather-Lite Batteries can be mounted in any configuration, orientation, or location, can be wired in parallel or series configurations. Unlike sealed lead acid or AGM batteries the power and performance you get used to at the start, is what you can expect up to the end of the batteries life cycle. You can also expect a 4 times longer life expectancy than batteries of the same power specs in those technologies.

  • Dimensions:

    Length 3.5” (88.9mm)

    Width 2.5” (63.5mm)

    Height 4.5" (114.3mm)

    Weight: 1.5 LBS (.68kg)

    Polarity Configuration: Right side Positive


    Battery Energy Specifications:


                   Nominal 13.2

                   Charged 14.4

    Capacity: 15Ah (Lead acid equivalent/ PbEq)

                    7 Lithium amp hours

                    33 minutes of Reserve Capacity

    Cranking amps: 400 Cold Cranking Amps 

                              520 @ 75 degrees Fahrenheit (for 15 seconds)

                              1560 Pulse Cranking amps


    Recommended Charger: FL-BC125

    Other Charger options: FL-BC121 (These options are slower charger times)

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